How can i monitor my WAN1 and WAN2 upload and download speed

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How can i monitor my WAN1 and WAN2 upload and download speed



I have MX67 when i was having one WAN interface active i can easily monitor my live traffic upload and download from the appliance status > uplink 


When i activated the 2nd WAN interface now it shows WAN1, and WAN2 utilization and i cant monitor or see my upload, and download live traffic!


Is there any way to monitor the live traffic upload and download if I HAVE 2 wan's active 



From the summary reports it shows the history of the total upload and download 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@HaniAbuelkhair in short, from the dashboard, no!


You might be able to using the APIs, it might be worth asking in that section as some people only look at areas they have expertise in. 



The maximum bandwidth will be seen if 2 sessions get routed on WAN1 and 2 on WAN2. However, the WAN port that gets assigned to a session is not deterministic, rather it is statistical, and the load balancing router tries to maintain the ratio of bandwidths as configured by you in the long run.

Kind of a big deal

So far I have only been able to see up and download speeds separated (over longer periods 2hours, 1 day, etc..) if you're using Insight (WAN health).


Not sure a live view is available.

Kind of a big deal

I prefer to monitor my WAN-links with an SNMP-application. For monitoring of Meraki devices I prefer CheckMK which runs out of the Box with Meraki. There is also a free virtual appliance if you don't have that much to monitor.

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