Going to China

Kind of a big deal

Going to China

Hi everyone,


we are planing to use Meraki MX in China... had a chat to our Meraki SystemEngineer and he said no problem at all, just create an account in chinese dashboard and go on.


Sounds preety good to me, but I´m afraid thats not all, is it?

Are there some things I have to keep in mind?

  • In one meraki doc I found this: "All MXs within China Organizations MUST be licensed with Enterprise license." <-- correct? Source
  • Are there regulations of the state that have to be observed (I´m sure there are)?
  • AutoVPN will not be needed.
  • Regarding to Non-Meraki VPN I´ll set everything for internal use (i. e. 172..xx.xx.0/23) to go through the tunnel and all other will go out to the internet, so I should be OK regarding to http/s content (thats what the Meraki SE said) <-- correct? (At the moment we use for the tunnel within our home country)
Kind of a big deal

So far, I have only shipped MX's into China so they connect back to a Dashboard outside of China .... and they have worked so far.  They may stop working in the future, who knows.  This allows AutoVPN to work.


As I understand it, in the last 30 days the use of Advanced Security licences have been approved in China - but it has some feature limitations.  You can read about them here:



If you don't need AutoVPN then registering the MX on the Chinese version of the Meraki dashboard will be safest.  You can browse https sites in China.  Obvisouly China does block a lots of sites outside of China.

The way the England is talking they will soon have their own great firewall.

Kind of a big deal

thanks philip, this is what I was doing before as well but now moved into china cloud because of blocked content etc by law and don´t want to get trouble in the future.


OK, so nothing special at all over there.

Kind of a big deal

It may be wise to source the Meraki equipment from within China lest you inadvertently violate the various rules about prohibited exports, they have been changed recently.


See -




Best clear it with Donald or Melania first


Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel

I have 3 networks in China.  Latency problems getting here obviously but other than that no issues.  I recently converted my Enterprise license to a security license, only lacking feature so far is AMP.  I've had no problems setting up a "non meraki peer" vpn to my US meraki org.  I source my equipment from AFScott/Moo moo networks for 2 years now, they have a meraki china rep but you can pay in USD, etc.


As long as you don't route your default traffic through the tunnel to pop out in a different country you will be good in the eyes of China.

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