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Global Bandwidth Setting

Hey all, just wondering if you all have set the global bandwidth statement to something other than unlimited.  I see from the documentation that it says "With more substantial deployments where there are a large number of clients, it is recommended to set a bandwidth limit on all traffic."   Has anybody with a "substantial" deployment say around 150 to 200 clients set this to something else?  I have a 100/100 circuit and around 200 users.  I know most answers are going to be it depends on the client types and usage and I get it but for the most part consider a clinical environment running VOIP phones.  Mostly Citrix based application needs.    Any suggestions or considerations would be appreciated.    *I did some testing with a sample site with same type of deployment but less clients.   I tried to run at 2M/2M per client but could not run a 1080p video without buffering.  So I upped it to 3M/3M and the videos run well and people have not reported any performance issues.   For whatever reason this feels low and wanted to see if anybody here has tinkered with this setting.  

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If you only have one Internet circuit; I wouldn't bother changing anything.


If you have two and they are different sizes and you are wanting to do load balancing, set the limits to match the actual circuit sizes.


I'm referring to MX bandwidth settings here (rather than MR).

Just curious to know what you mean if I only have one link - Are you saying with one link there's no need to even worry about per client bandwidth limiting??   Just think I might have confused the issue with creating rules but my root question is about just the use of BW per client limiting.  

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I usually make less use of the per client limit function unless it is a really slow link, or perhaps a strictly policed link.
I do concentrate more on the 8 traffic matching rules you can define and make sure each goes into the correct queue.


If you do severely limit per client, then the speedburst alone is not enough, you'd need to match certain traffic types and let them go beyond the limit.

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