Geo Location unavailable for certain sites.

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Geo Location unavailable for certain sites.


Recently some of our devices in the VPN network have been facing an issue where they're blocked from seeing their geo location information on websites that support it. For example, if a website is setup to automatically take and display your location information for a customized web page, it fails to retrieve the info and just spins when connected to the VPN. 


Is this a known issue or a function in Meraki?


I cant find anything online because the search results only point to the Geolocation filtering in the layer 7 firewall which is not relevant. 

Kind of a big deal

Can you share an example of a site?  I am pretty some sites can and do use more than just an IP address for geolocation.  

I'd say any site that has a google maps embedded into it.

Even the Meraki cloud management page in SD WAN appliance did not show the geolocation of the device while connected to the VPN but it shows up fine if not.

Other examples are :, .gov websites,

Kind of a big deal

There are some geo lookup tools here you can try running your head end IP address through that might help.


I tested Google maps at my home office and then connected to some different Meraki VPN's in different states and Google still knew I was at home.  Presumably other data points like BSSID or who knows what else besides just the public ipv4 address I exit from?


But, to be clear, you are saying your devices without VPN works as expected and then when you connect to a Meraki using OS VPN client geolocation just doesn't work at all?  Or?




The geolocation embedded in the sites do not work when connected to the VPN.

The link that you shared does state that some sites detect the use of VPNs and auto block geo location of the IP so that may be the issue but I was trying to find anything else that maybe I had control over.

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