Applying created group policies and whitelist some clients

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Applying created group policies and whitelist some clients


I have a combined network of MX100, MS390 and MR56. MS390 is my CORE Switch and it is connecting to other non meraki switches. For those non-meraki switches, I connect some non-meraki Wireless Access Points that gives wireless internet to the clients.
I created some group policy (Blocking Social Medias, uTorrent, Youtube and Web file sharing) on my MX100 and When I apply that group policy, It works as I configured it. My issue is when I whitelist some client (by applying another group policy which allow access of all sites), it doesn't work.
Kindly support me the way I can allow some client to bypass the group policy I created (Note that I am in combined network of MX10, MS390 and MR56).


Here is my topology:






Here are my group policies:












On Client, I put that configurations:








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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Ist should be working perfectly the was you‘re describing it. If you want to automatically assign your Full Access profile, you could do that via network authentication / 802.1x.


Or have I misunderstood your question?

Kind of a big deal

I see that you didn't assign a VLAN ID 102 to that policy. I also don't know if you have the port trunked. I see you setup the MX group policies because you don't have the MRs. Even though I see a client with the VLAN is 107.  

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