Full Mesh Topology

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Full Mesh Topology



What is maximum number of branches can  be configured to connect with other branches (full mess) Is there any Limit n full mess topology?


Is there any limit on hub spoke topology (How many branch office can be connected with DC)


Any one help much appreciated 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You can use the MX sizing guide to find out the limits per model.



This is not the correct place to post questions.  The gallery is to showcase the solutions you have made.

Kind of a big deal

To add to what Philip has provided, the limiting factor is the number of VPN tunnels that the MXs can support. The tunnel counts are explained at length here, https://documentation.meraki.com/Architectures_and_Best_Practices/Auto_VPN_Hub_Deployment_Recommenda....


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Also keep in mind that failover WAN links create additional VPN tunnels, so a dual WAN link firewall may create up to 4 VPN tunnels per device when connecting to another dual WAN link MX.  If you mesh with additional firewalls with dual WAN links the tunnels grow exponentially and it can quickly get out of control.  I didn't consider this initially when I did my planning.

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