Feature Request: WAN 2 Down Notification

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Feature Request: WAN 2 Down Notification

Hi Meraki,


Want to throw out a feature request. I have a customer with two WAN links. Well for some reason WAN 2 went into a failed status, and we only found out because we logged in and saw packet loss is 100% on WAN 2. No alerts were received because Wan 1 is still primary and no fail over has occurred.


It would be nice to get email alert if WAN 2 is offline so we can contact the ISP and investigate. 

Kind of a big deal

Does the Network Wide>Alerts "The primary uplink status changes" not send you something?  But I agree it would be nice to have a more specific WAN based alert, in addition to being able to name the WAN interfaces.  

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Getting noticed

Correct, having that enabled will not send us an alert. That will alert if primary up-link fails, but let's say your ISP changes your WAN 2 IP addresses, so it fails. Meraki has no way of letting you know. You could go months not realizing your WAN 2 is broken, and only find out when primary fails and the WAN 2 doesn't pick up.


Triple checked, we do have "primary uplink status change" enabled.

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This would be nice for sure. But i'd still have my work around in affect even if this functionality came into being. I have a nagios instance in AWS that monitors both WANs at a few different locations. That way I can get emails, sms and push notifications of any loss or high latency.

Nice I will look into that.. we are setting Pingdom up now to monitor WAN 2 until Meraki can add it as a feature.

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