Fail over over metro e

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Fail over over metro e

Greetings everyone!

I have a project that im working on. 


I have 7 stores (locations) that I manage 100% of the IT stuff for. 1 of the locations has a 100/100 MBPs and all the other sites are connected via a Metro-e or metro ethernet connection. This metro e is managed by Cox cable, they tell me that is a layer 2 switch that connects all my sites together. 


I need to bring in a secondary connection (fail over) the only ISP in my area that is not on cox can only get to one of our 6 locations (not the main store). 

The problem i have is....How do i redirect all internet traffic from the main store to the store that has the back up ISP connection in the event that the main ISP and the main store goes down over the metro e? 

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One way you can do it is to build site to site vpn using MX appliance have default gateway out secondary ISP, but this still would have point of failure.

You can use the hub and spoke design.

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Yeah I looked into doing this but like you said you still have a point for failure. I'm thinking I need a soultion that would rerout traffic over a lan port to another IP address. 

That would require metro E to be routed to internet on the back end that is the only way you can include the other connection.

Or a cloud based metro link.


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Have you explored the option of using cellular/LTE as a backup link?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If I understand correctly, all your stores are in the same layer 2 domain - in the same subnet?


If this is the case, you can simply use an active/standby MX configuration.

Yes there is a vlan just for the metro E of vlan 99 -

Kind of a big deal

If I understand you correctly we have a somewhat similar issue.  Our MetroE connections are private but internet capable through the Hub connection.  So we have a cheap public internet connection and our more expensive private MetroE or MPLS connection.  We haev typically been using USB aircards connected to the MX to manually make routing changes.  Although our sites with dual internet connections and Site to Site VPN require no babysitting.  So we are going more that direction in lieu of the private links.  

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At each site, what is routing between the local Metro Ethernet connection and the local LAN?

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Have you guys figured this out?


We have a very similar scenario at our site.


We currently have MPLS connecting 6 locations. Routing is done by our ISP. 


We are moving away from MPLS and recently starting to implement Metro-E at our locations.

Each location has a designated cheap uplink. Currently I am using each location's core L3 switch to do failover routing for both MPLS/Metro-E and uplink ( I wanted it to use MX auto-vpn if MPLS/Metro-E goes down and if local uplink goes down, send default route to MPLS/Metro-E). Ultimately I want to move all these routes to MX, so I only need to manage local L3 routing on Core switch.


I attempted to setup this configuration,, on our sites, but branch keeps forming autovpn over its own uplink instead of over Metro-E.


Did anyone figured this out? 


By the way, the HQ has two uplinks and Metro-E connection.

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