Does the mx100 capable of sending WISP requests back?

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Does the mx100 capable of sending WISP requests back?

Our Forcepoint/Websense content filtering software is having trouble since switching from our ASA to Meraki mx100.  The guys at Forcepoint say is the Meraki capable of sending WISP requests to our softare(nic) and receive them back?


Anyone know anything about this?  

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I don't know what WISP is in this context, and I have never heard of Meraki supporting a protocol called WISP.

Kind of a big deal

It looks like here WISP is some WebSense filtering protocol... I've never heard of this before, but I've also never used WebSense.


I haven't come across this being supported in any Meraki device. Not to say it isn't, but I haven't seen any configuration or documentation for this protocol in my travels. 

hi guys, the below is from Websense support:


A WISP is =   websense integration server protocol, it is a request for filtering service to determine if a blockpage should be enforced on that URL request by the user.
The only thing you need to do is make sure the port that is mirrored/span is configured bidirectional as well, so the blocking nic can send a block if it is needed.


I have set up the mirroring port and it is monitoring it, but cannot seem to block it.  I was told to see if this is compatible with Meraki.  Thanks.

Were you able to get an answer? I am now having this issue as well.

No response.  I was able to get it mirrored and Websense can monitor the port currently.  I was told by our Meraki expert that Meraki cannot support the 'redirection function' it needs.  But an official response from Meraki would be helpful.

Thanks for the response. Hopefully we can get it working.

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Any updates? About to be in this situation . 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Meraki MX does not support WISP and is unlikely to get such support.

Hey guys,


Further to Philip's post, is there any reason why you are using Websense rather than the inbuilt Content filtering provided by the MX?





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I guess we will start to use the MX built in security.  We wanted to use Websense since it was already paid for.  Perhaps this can be a wish list for Meraki.  Thanks all for your replies.

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