Disabling 1 of 4 SSIDs (per site) on MX65w in a template

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Disabling 1 of 4 SSIDs (per site) on MX65w in a template

I have a certain problem that I am trying to work work around.   I have a few templates with wireless on a MX65w and using 4 SSIDs.   I have various configurations on sites where everything in the template is exactly the same except some sites do not need 1 to 3 of the SSIDS.  I do not want to create a unique templates just for a site just to limit the SSIDs.  Nor do I want to manually configure all of the other settings by not adding it to a template. 


Is here a way to not advertise one of the four SSIDs in a MX65w template?  I know I can do this on the MR52 AP when it is deployed in a template.  I can turn off SSIDs per site.  I have not opened a case yet as I think this is a feature but I did make a wish.    Thanks

Kind of a big deal

I have done this, but not for a while, so my memory is a bit hazy.


You can associate SSID availability to a tag.  You can apply a tag to a device.  So your template can contain all the SSIDs, and then which SSIDs are used depends on which tags you put on the AP.

Thanks for the thought @PhilipDAth. I think we are talking about two different locations. I see your suggesting on tagging under the "Wireless" section of a template. This section I believe applies to MR access points in that template.


I am talking about the wireless section under the MX appliance configuration. See my screen shots below.



So yes I agree with you that when using that section of the template you can use tags and it would do what I am asking about. I do not see anything like that in the MX wireless section.   What I really need is this functionality in the "Security SD WAN>>Wireless" configuration section.   Hello Meraki Make a wish engineers, can you hear us?   Thanks again for the reply @PhilipDAth


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Kind of a big deal

Oh yes, I think you are right.  I have only done this with MR access points in the past.

I also have this wish.

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