Disable URL filter between VLANs?

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Disable URL filter between VLANs?

I have a group policy that blocks * in the url filters and only allows specific urls.

I have clients from VLAN2 and VLAN3 in that group policy.

I need to allow IP Address based URLs between VLAN2 and VLAN3  I.e.

OR,  disable the URL filter between the local vlans.


Any ideas?


Kind of a big deal

Are you sure URL filtering happens between VLANs?

Well, the event log is telling me that it's dropping the connection due to user defined black list... so yeah, pretty sure. 🙂

I don't think there is anyway to fix this. IPS, URL filters and the like seem to apply to all traffic in all directions. I wish we could control these in the firewall policy.  I guess it's a feature request.

Getting noticed



Apply a group policy to the VLAN that has URL filtering set to Override. Leave the list empty or populate with whatever, same for URL categories.

Kind of a big deal

On the other hand, this will disable these functions alltogether, not only for specific inter-VLAN traffic. 😉

Getting noticed

This will let you specifiy a different blacklist (and/or different category list) per VLAN which is what the original request was.

Use append and the global blacklist and categories to apply firewall wide (all VLAN's) and the VLAN specific list for granular filtering.

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