Device Description with long digits and numbers

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Device Description with long digits and numbers

Recently I noticed  under "Description"  a lot of Windows 10 machines  with long numerical names.

The Meraki portal used to list the actual host names but now many of them were changed.


Do you guys know why and how to fix this?



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This is what Meraki tech support replied to my ticket.


The name you mentioned looks like a MDNS hostname learnt by the Dashboard.

This happens when the client is reporting a hostname via MDNS packets and this overrides the NetBios and DHCP Hostname that might have been configured on the client device.


To mitigate this issue, there are a couple of things that can be looked into:


1) Verify where the MDNS hostname is configured and change it to any expected hostname that needs to be on the Dashboard.


2) Stop MDNS services on the client device so that it does not update the MDNS hostname on Dashboard.


3) Manually update the client device's hostname using the following instructions: Hostname broadcasted by MDNS gets priority over DHCP and NetBios and hence, the hostname gets updated when the client sends MDNS traffic. Let me know if you have any questions.


I don't know where  to start to stop the mDNS service on Windows 10 machines. 😞

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