Deploying a back-up MX84

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Deploying a back-up MX84

Hi, Corporate has finally relented and purchased a backup after months of begging that we need a backup MX84 for our site since majority of the workers are remote users.
I'd like to ask how to setup one of these and the design is correct since I've never deployed one of these MX84 before.
So the current setup is like this:
Current Setup.PNG
1. MX84 has 2 ISPs for our Internet and VPN connectivity, ISP1 is the main ISP2 is the backup
2. Single MX84 deployed
3. 2 L3 Core-Distribution Switches towards the Access Switches at Corporate.
Planned Setup is what I'd like to ask
Planned Setup.PNG
1. L2 switch (not necessarily cisco but needs to be able to make vlans? one vlan for each ISP?)
   a) also the virtual ip as I was told by Meraki support needs to be public ip as well?
   so i'm looking at 2 additional public ips for my ISP1 and 2
   MX84-1: public ip 1-1 for WAN1 and public ip 2-1 for WAN2
   MX84-2: public ip 1-2 for WAN1 and public ip 2-1 for WAN2
   VIP: public ip 1-3 for WAN1 and public ip 1-3 for WAN3
2. Active-Standby MX84-1 - MX84-2
3. Router? not sure about this one. I need tracking to check if my MX84-1 is alive so I can redirect the traffic to MX84-2 if it dies.
4. L3 Distribution Switches towards Corporate Access Switches   
Is my assessment correct? I need to know if I need to purchase a router and a switch since i currently don't have any 4 port router on hand.
Is this the correct deployment of a backup MX84?
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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

No need for the inside router. The MX HA will use VRRP to control which is master. Spanning tree on your switches will control which L2 path is in blocking state. 

Ryan / Meraki Solutions Engineer

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Thanks, I'll check up on that.


@cmr. Thanks. I'll check if there are any Cisco SG110 switch stores around here, although I do have 1 MS120- 8SFP from one of our sites that I can pull out although seems such a waste to use a PoE switch for ISPs.


I'll check around at a computer stores and see what I can find. Thanks~both fo you


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@ShadowoftheDark as @Ryan_Miles said, you don't need item 3.  I'd also replace item 1 with two basic unmanaged switches, we use 5 port models from the Cisco SG110 range and they work just fine.  If one breaks you only lose one ISP.

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