Delete VLAN MX

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Delete VLAN MX



I'm trying to delete a segment configured in the MX


Security and SD-WAN> Configure> Addressing and VLAN


But when selecting it, it shows me the following message


There were errors when saving this configuration: The IP address range does not apply to any local subnet or configured VPN.


Where else should I save it?

This segment is no longer used in any configuration

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Kind of a big deal

Check your firewall or DHCP settings to see if it might still exist somewhere
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"when selecting it"? as in, as soon as you checkmark it?




you have to checkmark the subnet, then press the 'Delete' button. another popup will ask, if you're sure.

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ready, look carefully and I found it even had it in Site toSite VPN

Kind of a big deal

DHCP or Firewall, mostly it is still in there and you need to delete it in there first 😉

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Hi @nst1 


Check below and remove the subnet that you want to delete before deleting the VLAN

1) Security & SD-WAN > Firewall
2) Security & SD-WAN > Site-to-site VPN > Turn off first

3) Security & SD-WAN > SD-WAN & traffic shaping > make sure the internet flow or anything that is configured relate to the subnet/vlan that you want to delete, if it's there, remove it too

Kind of a big deal

@nst1any solution?

Thank you, have had multiple cases opened with Meraki and could not get this fixed, your post did the trick.


I had the same issue and noticed that I had references to the subnet I wanted deleted still inside the configuration for Site to Site VPN tunnel ACLs and Syslog server. Once removed the subnet deleted without a problem.

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Hello Guys!


I had the same problem and the solution was removing all references of the network in the Firewall ACLs. After I did it, I could delete the network from Addressing and Vlans section.


Hope it helps you all.

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