DMVPN router behind MX

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DMVPN router behind MX

the client has 20 locations with DMVPN in a mesh environment. both voice and data traffic are being sent over DMVPN connection. The client is looking for a disaster recovery  solution to locate a HUB in the cloud or somewhere should the sites lose connectivity with HQ and the sites would still be able to have voice services through VPN.


Question 1:

1- First, is it possible?

2- do  i need MX appliances in each branch and hub in the event of DMVPN failure due to circuits or HW?

3- Can i have just MX appliances at the HUB site and remote site using legacy DMVPN solution?


I am trying to sort out the possibilities for a solution that can stand side by side with DMVPN.



Thanks in advance


Kind of a big deal

I have done lots of both, and would go 100% with one technology or the other, and not mix them (too much effort).  Of all the DMVPN implementations I have done, I have only one left - and I think it might be gone by the end of the year.


If you want to stick with using DMVPN then buy something like the Cisco CSR (Cloud Services Router) 1000V, and put it in whatever cloud you want to use.  Then just treat it as another DMVPN site.



Otherwise plan to replace everything and go 100% Meraki MX and vMX.

Are you saying  that i have Cisco cloud service router installed in either amazon or azure, i can  create cloud CSR as a disaster recovery router so if the brach loose connection to the HUB, they automatically connects to CSR?

 Please advise

Kind of a big deal



However I would make it a second hub so it was already setup and ready to go.

you meant second hub in cloud with CSR correct?



Kind of a big deal


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