Creating a local host name for DNS databases

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Creating a local host name for DNS databases

Hi all, I contacted Meraki support and they told me that Meraki devices do not support this feature and it would be better to request this feature from Meraki development team. So I hope someone see this message and can add this feature soon. It is very useful for large installations. 


Local Hostname

I want to create a local hostname for one of our switch mgmt GUI on the network, but I can't find a setting for it in the Meraki MX router.

For example:

Normally a switch has a GUI interface and can browse with IP:

But I want to access this GUI interface of the switch not with the IP but with the local hostname: example.local


So when a client on the network tries to enter "example.local", he/she should be able to browse the switch's GUI interface. e.g: The DNS checks its database or A-Entry and finds the hostname "example.local" which is associated to


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This can be achieved by using a local DNS server and setting up a local DNS zone for this use case. You could look at implementing BIND ( on a local linux host to resolve the local DNS queries to local IPs.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I wish the Meraki devices configured with local DNS servers would use them to look up the names of the clients.  I really don't understand why they cannot do this?

Kind of a big deal

If only a small number of people need this it will be easier to add the name to you local hosts file.



Do you know about these magic DNS entries? 

There are a few more.  They return you info about the Meraki device that you are connecting to.

Kind of a big deal

Local DNS server is a much better option than setting up each device escpeically if you have a heap to do most DNS services allow you to import records. 

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