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Content Filtering Splash Page

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Content Filtering Splash Page

I have turned on content filtering and I am applying this to AD user groups. When users attempt to go to websites that are blocked by content filtering, there is no Meraki splash screen telling them that they are blocked by the firewall. How do I enable a Meraki firewall splash screen for blocked websites? 

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Re: Content Filtering Splash Page



The Meraki Block Page will appear only for "HTTP". Try browsing a HTTP Url.


For more information check this Url


Excerpt from the above Url.

Why is the Meraki block page not displayed?

If the website you are trying to reach is using HTTPS/SSL (rather than HTTP), the browser will display an error page rather than the Meraki block page. Because HTTPS/SSL traffic is encrypted, the MX cannot decrypt and redirect HTTPS traffic to the block page. Instead, the request will simply time out.

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