Connected to the network but not to the internet

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Connected to the network but not to the internet

I am not sure if I am in the right place. Anyways, upon firmware upgrade on 3/5/2023 our televisions are not connected to the internet even though it is already connected to the network. We also tried using static IP but still no change. So what we did was, we rollbacked to the old firmware to be able to connect back to the internet. I would highly appreciate if someone could help us out. Thanks!

Kind of a big deal

Which firmware version are you having the problem?

Kind of a big deal

...and from which firmware did you upgrade?

Kind of a big deal

If you upgraded to 17.x from 16.x (or earlier) than the MX would have been using the new Talos content filtering engine, which has different categories.

You'll need to be back into content filtering and make sure the correct categories are chosen.


You can check the network security centre and the network event log to see if traffic is being blocked.

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