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Configuration Advice

If I can ask for some advice before i embark on this,


We have 2 x MX84s and 1 x Z3

Primary site (A) has MX84A Configured Hub(Mesh) With VPN from Z3 into it


Secondary Site (B) has MX84B Site-to-site VPN currently off - on the perimeter for traffic only for site (B)


Site A-B are connected via MPLS not via the MX’s


Site B currently has 3 VPNS coming in to existing non MX firewall,

I need to move the 3 VPNs (Non Meraki) from the old firewall to the MX – inbound to site B only, and not to effect site A is this possible under one company, can you have 2 Hub(mesh) configured?

Kind of a big deal

When you're doing Non-Meraki VPN hubs don't actually matter (but yes, you can have as many hub as you want for AutoVPN).


If you want to only nail up a VPN to Site B you will need to control the Non-Meraki VPN via Peer Availability using tags.


Here's the Non-Meraki doc:


And specifically, this section:

Building a reputation



You need to create a "tag" and assign it to a program where you run the site-2-site VPNs.



The tag becomes the "Availability" for the non Meraki VPN


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