Combining Meraki Organizations - Meraki IP question


Combining Meraki Organizations - Meraki IP question

We're trying to combine Meraki organizations into one. We are aware there is no automated to do this. 


We're concerned about the Meraki devices not keeping their static IPs when taken out one organization to be claimed on another. We want to make sure that it can get the new meraki configuration when added to the new oeganization. 



Has anyone combined organizations and know the result of taking out an MX from inventory, does it lose the public static IP?

Getting noticed

One time I moved an active MX with static IP to a different organization and it kept it's static IP.  But I've only done it once, so to be on the safe side, you should have someone on site who can configure the static IP if the device loses it in the transfer.  That way you won't be stuck if the MX loses dashboard connectivity.  

Kind of a big deal

I've never tried it myself, but the where several reports here that devices where keeping their IPs flawlessly.

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