Colors on the map and status


Colors on the map and status

Am I the only one that color codes of mx devices (we mainly use mx68cw) are bit annoying. We have network of 165 SD-WAN devices, and little over 100 of them is using cellular connection (4G) as the primary/only connection to internet. They work quite fine, but all these sites are marked 'yellow' color (instead of green) on the map and as their current health status. I understand that if someone use fixed WAN connection and cellular is secondary/backup connection, this would be the desired color, but in our case where the scenario is different, the color codes are confusing. I Would like to see configuration option where I could select which is the primary connection, and then if it drops to secondary (or no connection), color would be yellow (or red in no connection situation).

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi MikaR,


While it is not currently possible to configure the coloring of the device status icons, I do see where some customers would find value in this, like the example you gave.


I recommend and encourage you to use the "Make a wish" button at the bottom right corner of the dashboard. These requests go directly to the product management teams.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I also wish there was a way to "acknowledge" the status and reset it to "green".


For example, a branch is being refitted over a month, and you know it is going to be down.  Acknowledge the down so you can ignore it.

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