Client VPN cannot see the other end of S2S VPN

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Client VPN cannot see the other end of S2S VPN

Client VPN subnet =


Office (meraki) subnet = (cisco Meraki MX67W)


S2S non-meraki peer VPN between and (remote) -  both networks work fine. they see each other.


10.10.1.X CANNOT see 192.168.20.X


Any ideas why it is not working?



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Does the other side have a route back to

the other side is a ClearOS computer inside an esxi.

I have no idea how to do that via iptables.


Do you think that should do the trick?

Kind of a big deal

Have you included in the VPN on your side?  As the remote side included that in the VPN as well?

My side is the Meraki's side -- I tried adding a static route but Meraki's msg says I cannot add a static route using IPs from the VPN Client.

The remote side is an esxi with a gw ClearOS computer.

You don't need to add a static route.  Just make sure your client VPN subnet is marked to be included in the VPN.

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