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Client VPN Reporting

So with the recent event's with covid-19, my company is having more and more employees work from home using the client VPN connection, I am needing to generate a weekly report on who connects, when they connect and disconnect, and it would also be nice to see how long they were connected overall each day. I know I can go and check the logs to see the VPN activity but doing this manually is pretty tedious. I want to know if it is possible to create a script or if there are some that are already created that will do what I am looking for or if there is a piece of software that will parse the logs and generate a report for me, any input is greatly appreciated!

Frank Kelly
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Hi Frank


I would not depend on the Meraki Dashboard for this information, i would instead look to setup a syslog server that you could more easily interrogate on an automated basis. It will very likely be easier to interrogate, and potentially a lot of syslog interrogators out there have the query ready for you.


That being said, the following could be used as a starting point.


You can use the API to get this type of info. Also, you can get a 30 day trial of manage engine firewall analyzer and send the logs there, very useful!

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Hi, you can send the logs of the mx to a syslog server, and analyze it, is easy to find the client connection up and down. you can install it on premise ( or one linux with syslog-ng) or you can use a cloud syslog server like , or similar



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