Changing Internet Providers MX100

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Changing Internet Providers MX100

In the process of changing internet providers. Plan is to

Add NEW ISP to Port 2

Test for a few days

Switch Port 2 <<>> Internet Port

Reconfigure Switch 

Do i need to be plugged into management port for this??

Reconfigure Non Meraki VPNs

Kind of a big deal

Is there any real reason why you need to move the uplink to WAN1 instead of WAN2? If not, you could just leave it as configured and save yourself an outage.


To change the WAN port settings:


Check your dashboard now. If you see the following message on the Uplink tab for the MX, you'll need to configure it using the local status page:


NOTE: Local WAN configuration cannot be overridden on this firmware version.


So long as the MX is accessible from within the network and you have the local status page enabled under Network-Wide -> Configure -> General, you won't have to have physical access to the MX to make the interface change.

I go to Internal_IP_of_Meraki , get login page and it will not accept my credentials

On the Dashboard under 'Network Wide' > Configure > General > Local Credentials, you can confirm the login details

My Service to WAN2 is finally established

WAN1 will be going away shortly - I have several VPN's meshed to the old WAN1 with dynamic dns

I have downtime to swap over WAN2 to WAN1 at night

1 Does the DDNS host name auto update to the WAN1 IP?

2 Do the remote Merakis go to the DDNS or the IP of the Meraki on which i am working?

3 i know for the NonMeraki I will have to provide the Different IP Gateway


can it be this easy?

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