Bad Internet Connectionon vMX100

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Bad Internet Connectionon vMX100

Hi All


We just implemented a vMX100 on AWS and are receiving a Bad Internet connection message in the dashboard. SiteToSite vpn is functioning. The appliance is not able to connect to the vpn registries on UDP port 9350 according to the dashboard.


Any suggestions.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

That is unusual.  The vMX is on a subnet that has Internet access I assume?


If it is any help, I tend to give the ones I do a static elastic IP address.

Here to help

There could be a upstream firewall or NSG (Azure) that is blocking the UDP port.



New here

Did you ever resolve this? We are having the same issue and have not found anything in our AWS configuration that would seem to be the cause. 

Are you getting the Bad IP Assignment message or the issues with VPN registry connections? We were able to resolve the Bad IP Assignment by going to the Appliance Status --> Uplink and changing the WAN configuration to be static instead of DHCP and adding the internal VPC address as a static entry and not dynamic.


The VPN registry self healed and wasn't causing any network outages. 

I ran into a similar problem

In my case we had and ASA fronting the MX100 and it wasn't configured to allow the outbound ICMP echos to

Once I added this rule the status went green and the connectivity line changed from gold to green.

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