Auto-VPN performance behind Cisco FTD

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Auto-VPN performance behind Cisco FTD

My company has a Cisco FTD as Internet Edge gateway, behind that, we have a Auto-VPN hub on one-arm concentrator mode, remote sites are on MPLS network.

                            MX 450(1 arm concentrator) 


Internet 1Gbps - FTD [DC] ———-2Gbps MPLS —————[remote] MX 250- MS




Speedtest from remote office, we got 400mbps down 700mbps up.  Is this normal to see down speed much lower than up speed?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@BIZ : Did you check the upload and download speed test with the ISP you are connected with ? I dont think the issues with the device.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

That's not normal.  Could be so many things - speed/duplex mismatches, MPLS issue, etc.


What speed do you get behind the FTD?

If you run something iperf straight into the remote MPLS through to the DC what does it report as the performance?

Kind of a big deal

As everyone has said, unless you have an asymmetric internet connection it’s not normal. Are the bandwidths configured correctly on the MX (SD-WAN page), is the Firepower doing any shaping as the speedtest hits the internet, what about your SP do they do shaping?

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