Asus Flash Tool connection issue

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Asus Flash Tool connection issue

Hi Guys

Would like to get inputs with our issue. Asus cloud based App (Asus Flash Tool version AFT_Asus_v1.0.0.66-csc) is unable to connect to the internet when the endpoint is in the network. Below are the lists of troubleshooting procedures done:

1. Whitelisted the user
2. Added the user to a new group policy with less restrictions

Results are still the same (getting error msg: Failed to download the version control file via FTP)

When we connected it straight to our ISP router using public IP, the app was able to run and connect to the cloud.

What do you think may have caused this issue?

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Are you currently running Advanced Security features on the MX? (Content Filtering, Threat Protection, AMP, IDS/IPS?) Also what version of firmware are you running on the MX?


If possible try disabling them one by one to see which is causing the traffic to be blocked.


You'll have to take a packet capture from the LAN interface of the MX and find out what domains the FTP download is coming from and then add it as a whitelist rule.

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Our MX is license is only enterprise.

Anyhow, Issue was resolved. Our firmware is outdated. We updated it to the latest stable firmware. Thanks for your input WANKiller!

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