AnyConnect for ARM 64 Chip

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AnyConnect for ARM 64 Chip

I have one Microsoft Surface that has an ARM 64 Chip. It seems that you have to have a special version of AnyConnect software specifically for ARM 64 devices.


This version of AnyConnect is not available on the Meraki Dashboard, but is available from the site. Unfortunately Cisco want's to sell me a pack of 25 licenses just to download the software. I have went round and round with my Cisco rep, but he has not budged. 


Has anyone else had this issue or figured out a way to install Cisco AnyConnect on a MS Surface (Windows 10)?

Kind of a big deal

Without a license, you are also not allowed to use AnyConnect on any other platform ...

Thanks Karstenl.


After reading some other threads yesterday, I started thinking that was the case. I guess I missed the disclaimer when I started the beta last month.


The strangest thing about this situation is that I have been on several email chains with Cisco support reps, my vendor and my Cisco Meraki sales rep, and not one time did they say that I needed to purchase AnyConnect licenses for all my other devices. So weird. All they needed to do is clarify that using AnyConnect is not included in my Meraki licensing and that you have to purchase the AnyConnect license for all devices using AnyConnect.

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