AnyConnect User Certificates on a Mac

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AnyConnect User Certificates on a Mac

Hi There, I currently have a working setup wtih AnyConnect and a Windows Certificate Authority and it work great.  However, we have a few MacOs laptops that I'm struggling to figure out how to generate a user certificate request to process on my Windows certificate authority.  The Macs are not domain joined.  is this even possible?  I would be interested to know if someone has this working.

Kind of a big deal

Asa far as I'm informed, only AD joined devices will be able to automatically reveive and renew certificates. Everything else has to be done manually.

We have such a small amount of Macs that I would be ok with a manual process.  Ideally, the ability to do this from the command line would be optimal.  I'm guessing there must be a way to generate a CSR and have it signed by the Windows CA.

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