API to configure VPN NAT

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API to configure VPN NAT

Using the dashboard, I can enable NAT, then associate NAT'd addresses/CIDRs to the internal networks that are permitted over the VPN.


I'm unable to find the API that allows for this configuration.    The closest I can find is https://developer.cisco.com/meraki/api-v1/#!update-network-appliance-vpn-site-to-site-vpn which looks like the correct API but the options aren't apparent.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Is this the function? https://documentation.meraki.com/MX/Site-to-site_VPN/Using_Site-to-site_VPN_Translation 

I dont think there is a api because you are not able to configure it by default. 

I was able to confirm with Meraki that there is no API interface at this time to that configuration.   I've added it to the wish list and I, apparently, wasn't the only one.

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