AMP causes strange issues


AMP causes strange issues

I am running a Meraki network for my client at more than 120 sites, I noticed when AMP is enabled for some time it start blocking all kind of download and browsing. If we disable AMP and enable it after 2 min problem goes away which implies it's some kind of memory leak in MX. I logged several tickets with support they don't have a clue. If Meraki can make a API to enable and disable AMP I can write a python script to toggle AMP every week or 3 days. Has anyone come across this kind of issue?

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I have in the past, but on the more recent beta firmware I have not noticed any issues like that. What firmware version you running?

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I'm with @MacuserJim on this one. AMP has had weird behavior on older versions, but up in Wired14 it seems to be much better. I would assume if you're talked to support they would have suggested you move to Wired14 if you haven't already done so...

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Ditto, I have had similar experiences on older firmware.  I'm current running 14.32.

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Older firmware i have had buggy AMP. I actually spoke with a representative at one time who told me they were making big changes to AMP because at one point in time the Whitelisted URLs did not actually work when and if in their and listed. One of the newer updates was supposed to help resolve those issues. 

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We've seen the same thing for multiple sites running MX 13.33. No evidence of blocking in Security Center or Event Log from the Dashboard, but we were able to look at the syslogs and find where a download was blocked. Opened a support case about it in late August. They asked us to toggle AMP, and the problem cleared up immediately. Until we upgrade to MX 14, we've just continued to do the same thing when the issue pops up.
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Just had issue where enabling amp caused Netflix to break on XBOX and PS4. Running 14.39, soon as I turned amp off, the issue was resolved.

I've had this issues at home on my MX running older firmware, I mianly notice it blocks Steam downloads. The first time it happened I spent a good hour trying to work out what was wrong.

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