250 Mpbs limitation with Meraki and Umbrella VPNs

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250 Mpbs limitation with Meraki and Umbrella VPNs

I'm in process to built a security solution for Meraki customer. I planned use Cloud on-ramp to build the connection, but there is a limitation for max 250 Mbps BW for the traffic. I found the solution that using IPsec VPNs instead there is a possibility to overcome this 250 Mbps limit by setting up multiple VPNs and use ECMP between those.

Have someone built such solution between MX and Umbrella? Is there some restrictios? How many VPNs can be used within same ECMP? any other limitations or notifications of such idea?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

t seems these restrictions are heavily reduced when it all moves to Cisco+ Secure Connect. It will hopefully not take a long time.

Do you have any information or link for the new capabilities?


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