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Does Meraki Go support SNMP? How to activate it?

Meraki Go Team

Hey @Michal314 


There is no SNMP as of today, but it is certainly not off the table as a feature request. This is somewhat more of an advanced feature I'd expect of service providers or power users. Do you mind me asking what your use case is?

Hey @hidden0 


Thanks for the answer. I need SNMP to monitor the device and ports status.

I've thought all cisco switches support SNMP.


I manage Meraki wireless in the workplace and this supports SNMP. I suspect this is one of the feature Cisco remove as part of the less advanced Meraki Go offering. I’d certainly make use of it but feel Meraki Go is missing far more important features which I’d want to see implemented first. 

I completely respect that point of view @LouisN5 . We're always treading a fine line in feature development, especially regarding implementing an entire service like an SNMP daemon on the device. The performance and capacity of all hardware is finite, and to continue to add features such as SNMP onto the product at this stage may very well serve to degrade the situation as opposed to improve visibility and ease of management.


The Cisco Meraki enterprise product line was built with these considerations in mind. As such, features like SNMP, syslog, and other advanced features are readily available.


Out of curiosity, what other important features do you believe Go should have?