WiFi 6?

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WiFi 6?

I know Meraki Go is a "budget solution" but it is also designed for small-scale public WiFi which, out of any WiFi implementation, would benefit from WiFi 6.  So, I am curious if there are any plans to release a WiFi 6 AP?  I know Meraki has them, albeit far more expensive than the current AP.  I am hoping this is something that is at least in the works to have a less feature-rich version of the Meraki MR36.


Re: WiFi 6?

Meraki Go is a “budget” solution compared to licensed enterprise grade gear, but certainly isn’t cheap. A basic stack of a gateway, switch, 2 access points will run you more than a budget mesh system. That being said, GO getting trickle down features from Meraki enterprise is kinda why allot of people buy it, so +1 on the wifi 6.  Any idea when it is coming?