Whitelisting Wireless clients to bypass landing page


Whitelisting Wireless clients to bypass landing page

I am looking at adding a GX50 to a small location that has a wireless printer set up with their current design. This printer needs to be accessible to both wired staff and wifi users. We would like to set up a landing page on the GX50 for wireless users--but we don't want the printer to smack into this and not be able to connect. I didn't see any information on if a whitelist function was available to allow specific mac addresses to bypass the landing page set up.


I'm a regular Meraki administrator and utilize this function in many of my MX series devices at my major buildings.

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hello @PeterP2 


From my understanding the Landing page is set for each WLAN.


The solution for Meraki Go would be to create a second WLAN and have the printer connect to the one WLAN without the Landing Page. While everyone else has to connect to the regular WLAN. This might only work if you have Meraki Go access points installed.


hope this helps




I was hoping that it wouldn't require doing multiple wifi setups to do this. The Pro series has the ability to bypass the landing page through a whitelist that can be added per device. This isn't a deal breaker--but it would be nice and less of a hassle if it was done this way on the Go devices.

Why do you need a landing page for this…is the wireless network going to be a guest network?


guest network won’t be able to access printer on a non guess wireless network.  So you wouldn’t need a landing page to restrict guest from printing.


wired network and non guest network would be able to access printer.


worst case, depending on printer, you might need a static ip for the printer so that the network name is consistent in the neighborhood broadcast storm.


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