When will Cisco announce a replacement for the current Meraki Go POE switches?


When will Cisco announce a replacement for the current Meraki Go POE switches?

I invested in this product line last year, apparently got one of the last available 8-port POE switches available, and now can't get anymore.  The entire line is useless without integrated POE switches.  I had to go buy some off brand POE switches to install a bunch of POE cameras when I was wanting a completely integrated system.

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I’ve got to agree. I’m having to use Cisco small business switches which isn’t ideal. I appreciate supply chain delays but I also manage several full Meraki networks and have no issues procuring switches so why such an issue with Meraki Go?
Users are going to move to alternative solutions if Meraki Go can’t get their act in to gear. 

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The ones that I use:


GS110-8P (EU) is end of sales "2023 Aug 24" but is still to be found on the web-page. And end of support is Aug 24, 2025.


So where is the replacement? 


I agree. The new firewall and access points were released last year, but the switches (even the non PoE switches) are out of stock. When will there be some word on new switches? Will the SFP ports be replaced with SFP+? Is the product line being abandoned?


says brand new 1 in stock


not mine



Here’s a 24 port (the prior was 8 port)


brand new as well



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Quite a few “brand new “ on eBay


I am definitely not interested in buying a product that's close to or past its EOL. Every other product in the Meraki Go family has had an updated version released within the past year (firewall, indoor AP, outdoor AP), so I'm assuming the switches are next, unless the product line is being discontinued and no one told the guy designing and releasing the firewall and access points. I'm also not interested in purchasing a product that doesn't have a port speed past 1Gbps. With CAT 6 being the home standard (or the previous standard), the networking switch should not be the choke point in the network.

I have the gx-50 and gr-12, they can connect to a 1gb port, but….your certainly not going to get 1gb thru put.



your initial post implied you were looking for a go switch but could not find one.



I’m confused that you read it that way, but I apologize for misleading you. I should have said new LINE of switches, which is the topic of the original question.

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I guess Cisco found out that they can't make any money off Meraki Go. My bet is that they were hoping for Cisco Umbrella to sell like hotcakes. The silence from this subline of products is pretty loud in nature.

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