WAN IP and Public IP Information

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WAN IP and Public IP Information

Hello Meraki Go Team:


After recent Meraki Go App and GX firmware upgrade, I noticed that the changes happened to the IP information shown on the "Hardware" tab under the section of "Product information". I am sorry that I don't have the screenshot for the old display, but I remember that I can see a WAN IP (which tells me the IP on the WAN port) and a Public IP (which tells me the Public IP the GX is using for Internet communication). However, the new updates moved the WAN IP and replaced it with a LAN IP with a "None".


The problem for me from this change is that I can't know what's the actual IP got by the WAN port if the GX is put behind another router and got a private IP from that router.


Can GX get the original WAN IP and Public IP display feature back? Thank you! 

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The firmware version on GX is 16.16.

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Grettings David_L


Not sure if your problem is solved or not. In my understanding Public IP and WAN IP is the same.


The Public IP shows on the "Produkt Information" tap. Firmware GX 17.10.2. If you click on "Settings" on top right, it will lead you to "Hardware Settings" expand IP configuration (shows the puplic ip as well on that screen). It will open the settings of Lan-Port 1. There it should show your requested information on the WAN port with a local IP-adress and if that port is set to be DHCP or use a Static IP.


You should also see some of the information when you go to http://setup.meraki.com


hopefully you'll get the information you want from that.

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