Ip's internally via Mac

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Ip's internally via Mac

I am trying to do some port fowarding to a 3d printer i own to allow remote access , but i am struggling to get the gx20 to actually hold internal ip reservations via mac address. 
I have added a internal ip to via my mac, which i have confirmed the mac address is correct in 3 different locations to make sure it was proper, 
Worked fine lastnight, but this morning it had reassigned the ip address to now be .29. 
I know i have rules to reserve the IP , i have port foward set to the .22 ip block. everything seems correct, but it didnt hold. 

Am i missing something?

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Hello 213chrisp


Did you set the adress reservation under Networks -> Default -> reserved IP adresses? Or did you just set the adress to be excluded from DHCP?


If a fixed adress isn't working for you. Set the printer to have a static IP and exclude the IP from DHCP.


Hope it will help.

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