Vlans on GX20

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Vlans on GX20

Hey everyone,


I have a GX20 security appliance and I need to setup some vlans. According to the documentation it says to go to "Networks" and then click the "+" button to create a wired network. I believe I used to have this on the app, but now when I go into "Networks" it says "You need to add a WiFi Access Point before you can create a network." There is not a plus button or any way I am finding to add a new network. Does anyone know how to correct this?


The other issue I am having with VLANs is in Hardware it says "This device is using a DHCP IP address from VLAN 0 instead of using configured VLAN1". What is up with this?

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Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Hi @UpstateCabling 


I'll look into this behavior - it sounds like there is validation logic preventing something you are completely allowed to do when creating a new wired network.


The warning you are seeing is simply a warning, but it means the IP address received automatically was done on a different VLAN than has been configured.


Given the wording of the error, it sounds like "VLAN 1" was set on the GX20 for the uplink, but no VLAN 1 is set upstream (or maybe it is untagged) and the GX is actually not using VLAN 1. As a result, it lets you know it went with VLAN 0 (none) as opposed to the configured VLAN 1.


Can you set the VLAN on the IP of the GX to 0 or nothing and see if the error goes away? It may take up to 10~15 minutes in a worst case scenario. The "Learn more" link should provide a link to documentation to learn more as well.

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