Unable to open Support Ticket


Unable to open Support Ticket

In both the App and the WebApp i am unable to open Support Tickets in the troubleshoot alert screen on the device. Button does nothing.

My Switches went down an hour ago for no reason, my Outdoor Accesspoint shows alerting since days.



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hi @TobiasFrank 


you can send an email to support@meraki.com or we could try to summon somone 





hope this helps

Meraki Go Team
Meraki Go Team

Hello @TobiasFrank (thanks @Xydocq  as usual),


We just tested the case open feature and found it to be working on the web app. Does this problem persist in an incognito browser?

This Contact Support Button is not working on my Browser:

Chrome Version 119.0.6045.159 (Official Build) (arm64)


normal Tab not Incognito.



click on hardware -> search for an at least alerting device -> see alerting Box with 2 Buttons -> click on "Troubleshoot" -> Troubleshooting Dialog will open

-> click on Contact Support


Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 21.47.46.png


there are 2 errors in console:

Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 21.52.13.png


Hello @TobiasFrank ,


This is definitely not working as intended here, then. I'll get a ticket submitted for our developers to fix this issue. 

The console log for ap.meraki.com is testing if we can reach the local status page of the device (we use this to provide a button that takes you to the LSP). The 500 error, though, is more interesting and may be related to the issue. The "network" tab may show the offending request that was made and help us dive a bit deeper.


There are still two methods that should be available to contact support:

1. Use the settings menu directly to open a case, and not the "Contact support" button in the troubleshooting flow.

2. Try using the mobile app both the way you've described to reproduce the issue, but also using the settings menu directly.


If you still face problems opening a case using these steps, let me know so we can take a peek and hopefully fix whatever issue it is you are bumping into.