Switch End of Life - Q/A - (User)

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Switch End of Life - Q/A - (User)

Hey guys I've seen this question pop up a few times and I am posting this little blurb here so everyone can read.



Devices: GS110-8,24, and 48


  • End-of-Sales Announcement: February 24, 2023 - Complete
  • End-of-Sales Date: June 1, 2023 - Completed
  • End-of-Support Date: August 24, 2025 - Pending

What Can I Do?

  • Wait for Meraki to announce a new model. Nothing has been announced as of this post. 
  • Look into switches from Cisco small business, Meraki Propper, or a switch from your favorite vendor.
  • No other switches will not integrate with the M-Go app or web GUI.


Cisco Meraki is announcing the upcoming end-of-sale for the following product:





Replacement product for the above, which will be functionally equivalent, will be
We expect to be accepting final orders for these products until June 1, 2023.
However, the final End-of-Sales Date may be updated depending on the
availability of stock and other considerations, and, at Cisco Meraki's discretion,
the actual End-of-Sales Date may be adjusted.


• End-of-Sales Announcement (this document): Date of official end-of-sales
notice, typically six months prior to the last order date.
• End-of-Sales Date (EOS): The last date to order the product through
Cisco Meraki point-of-sales outlets. After this date, the product is no
longer for sale via any channel.
• End-of-Support Date (EOST): The last date a product will be affirmatively
supported by Cisco Meraki, typically two (2) years following the EOS Date.

End-of-Sale Milestones
• End-of-Sales Announcement: February 24, 2023
• End-of-Sales Date: June 1, 2023
• End-of-Support Date: August 24, 2025



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Glad to see equivalent products will be coming. 


I was worried Meraki was giving up on the GO lineup. I, personally, will invest in the next round of products to support Meraki with the GO lineup. This product has been the best network experience I've ever had. Stable and reliable. 

Also, I hope those products are coming sooner than later.

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Just to bump this post as of today I am not aware of any updates.

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Is there any news on Meraki go new switches? I am fine waiting is there is going to be a replacement product. Also what does End-of-Support mean? will the devices still work and show up in the dashboard and not get updates? Or will they stop passing traffic on August 24 2025? 

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