SONOS settings - Help Please!


SONOS settings - Help Please!

I have been running Sonos on my Meraki Go set up for some time now and all of a sudden it stopped working. I gave Sonos tech support a call and they determined that the meraki firewall will not let the Sonos connect to the meraki switch via hardwired connection or wifi connection. They say I need to change some settings but I cannot figure out where or how. I am using a GX20 gateway connected to a GS110-8P switch connected to a GR10 AP & meshed to a GR10 AP, GR60 AP, GR12 AP & GR 62 AP.  The meraki documentation is very sparse regarding this issue. It only says to enable bridge mode for the wifi network that the Sonos is using. This was already enabled. What other setting do I need to change to allow the Sonos equipment to work?

Here are the settings I need to change according to Sonos support:


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When you say it stopped working suddenly, when did that exactly happen? 5 or 6 weeks ago? If so it might be a bug in the Firmware of the GX20.


There went something terribly wrong with the latest firmware-upgrade, mostly for PoE devices. After firmwareupgrade my GX20 shows a device connected on Port 6 on the GX20.  Keep in mind the GX20 has only 5 physical Ports. I am still waiting for a fix on the firmware.


If it stopped working 5 or 6 weeks ago, file a support ticket with Meraki and ask them to reset the firmware to the older version on your GX20.


You might also want to have a look at Meraki Go - Wired Networks (VLAN) - Cisco Meraki





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Same with my GX50 - only ports 1 and 2 are being used but it says the switch is being connected to port 3 (disabled!) instead of port 2.

Something's wrong here...

Btw, also reported here one month ago:

Meraki Go Team
Meraki Go Team

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Hi there - sorry you're all having issues with the GX in some capacity. Could you please shoot our team a note at:


The team can take a closer look at your individual setups to figure out what's happening and help get you sorted out. Thank you and apologies again for the inconvenience you're experiencing! 

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