Problems connecting to wired camera

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Problems connecting to wired camera

We have a IP CCTV camera on the network, which has an internal IP Address, and can also be accessed via the routers static IP with port forwarding to Meraki GO GX20 and then port forwarding to the camera.


When on a wired computer I can load the camera up OK using either the internal or external IP Address.


I can also access the camera OK on my tablet when not on site using the external IP Address.


However when I am on site connected via wifi, I cannot see the camera via the internal IP, which I am guessing is something on the firewall blocking but that is OK, because I thought I would still be able to connect via the external IP, but that fails to load.


What do I need to do to be able to view the camera when onsite over WiFi. ? Either on the internal or external IP Address

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Can you share a bit about your network, so we may be able to help you with this issue. 

What VLAN are the computers , cameras, and tablets on?

How is the SSID setup for the tablets?