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New to Meraki Go

I am new to the Meraki Go product line, long time IT consultant, 30 years.


I have a GX50 for a customer and am trying to configure it.  I can get to the web page, but it seems lacking in being able to configure things like the VLAN address range, etc.


I haven't been able to find any documentation for the GX50 Firewall Plus, short of an installation guide.


My presale experience was not good, and I see that support emails are not being answered.


Any help of guidance would be appreciated.




Len Levin

Business Systems Consulting

Plymouth, MA  02360


Community Manager

Hi @LNL02360 welcome to Meraki Go! I am sorry to hear that your presale experience wasn't good. If you have more feedback on that, I'd be happy to pass it along to the team for you! I'm sure they'd welcome the feedback to improve our processes. 


Hm, I'm having some trouble locating your support case to check on it. Could you please private message me your case number, so we can assist? For anyone else reading, there is a guide here on how to create a Meraki Go support case


In the meantime, you can find our Documentation for Configuring VLANs in Meraki Go for GX Wired Networks. You mentioned the installation guide, so chances are you already saw this and it's not what you're looking for (I'm revealing a bit of my IT ignorance here 😅) but in the GX Installation Guide underneath Additional Settings there is info on Setting VLANs. I also found this unofficial YouTube tutorial of walkthrough unboxing and setup of the GX50 which may be useful to you.

I hope that helps!



good morning.


thanks for your reply.


Is there anyone in sales that I can talk to.  I have four upcoming projects that I am planning on using Meraki Go Routers and WAPS.  If so could you forward my request to them and have them contact me.




Len Levin

Business Systems Consulting

Plymouth, MA  02360


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From the web portal click network / / wired network.

Enter the following information:

Custom Network Name




Click  save

You should see the network listed in your Network list.


Click the New Network / edit.

And you can enable / disable DHCP

Adjust  DNS servers

or Delete the network.


I hope this helps.