GX50 - Good replacement for RV340W ?

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GX50 - Good replacement for RV340W ?

I currently am running a Cisco RV340W at my small business (service shop). The router is connected to a couple switches and a couple AP's in different buildings (all wired). There are two employees that use windows Remote Desktop Connection from home to log into their systems here at work on an occasional basis for work as well. My employees use the wi-fi via the AP's in the shop (under 10).


Is the Meraki GO GX50 capable or replacing the RV340W without losing features that I need?


Sadly it does not seem there is a company that make a decent small business router these days. They are either focused on home or enterprise systems.


Thank you!

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If all you have is a couple of VLANs, a DHCP servers, port forwards, then yes M go is a good fit. If you need additional features then it may not be a good fit for this install.

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