New Hardware Coming?

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New Hardware Coming?

Any new hardware coming or planned? Would like to see a new gateway/router with 1Gig throughput. Also would like to see Wifi 6 APs. 

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Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Hello @Camfj141 


Outside of the new web app we've built, this is the most commonly referenced topic. The community has certainly been heard, and the need for new hardware has not gone unnoticed. 


With that being said, do let us know what you would like to see in new products! Would you be happy with just more throughput, or do you want to see additional feature sets for the hardware (be it the security gateway or the wireless access points)?

500 to 1 gig throughput on gateway and Wifi 6 APs.

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Security gateway with >500Mbps throughput would be great along with an update to Wifi6.  Throw in support for fast roaming too???  🙂


Updating the switches to support SFP+ 10Gb link would be a nice addition. Switching capabilities are already adequate for the application of these switches but having only SFP 1Gb limits the overall network when wanting to have more switch to switch capacity.

I agree with @stevec101, 500Mbps gateway as that's a least the standard of ISP connections (at least in the UK) and WiFi6 would be nice too. I would say the Go hardware is feeling dated in todays market place. I think it's a great product and cost is fantastic value for money - if we had latest hardware which has a longer life (APs which don't support latest standards means an update needed in the next couple of years) will help justify the larger expense over alternatives like Tp-Link, Unify etc

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500 to 1 gig throughput on gateway and Wifi 6 APs.



The fact you don't already have 1gb limits on the gateway is making my seriously consider Unifi (I love the simplicity of Meraki Go)..... imho you should already be allowing 1gp on the gateways and then hopefully be releasing Wi-Fi 6 ap's sometime in Q3/Q4 of 2022. 

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So nothing new from CISCO LIVE 2022? Thanks a lot... 

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A model citizen

You have a link?

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ordered the gx50 last night.


double the price of a gx20


500mbs vs 200mbs


its called a plus model but no info on why


I started a gx50 vs gx20 thread to gather info


mine is coming the week of the 18 july.


bought it mainly for the increase in thru put....but if the 500mbs is not there its going back.   




@speakerfritz I look forward to seeing your findings. The one thing I hope is you give the unit a fair shot. It feels as if you're upset by the naming or the price point. In either case, I think Meraki will do right by the customer to ensure the unit can reach the 500 Mbps advertised rate on the box. 

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Hi @speakerfritz 

We put the "plus" in the name to indicate its more than just a security gateway, and it could be more than 500 Mbps in some cases.

Client VPN is now being included as part of the GX50 which is new and part of that "plus" label.

The 500 Mbps is what we expect the GX50 to be capable of during normal operation. If conditions are ideal (low latency, little to no packet loss), we do not cap the throughput at 500 Mbps. If it can exceed this it will try to!

after more digging...found an English spec sheet.


some high lights


basic big difference is that the gx50 is optimized to be a VPN hub  and the speed increase uses less power as well.   mine should arrive 16 july plus or minus.


FW through put500+Mbp/s250Mbp/s
vpn through put300 Mbpsnot published
VPN tunnels50not published
client recommendations5050 or less
Network and security services  
stateful firewallyesyes
port forwardingyesyes
DHCP servicesyesyes
DNS based optional cisco umbrella securityyesyes
client VPNyesnot published
PoEnot published1
Marketing materials in english (as of 6 july)noyes
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