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Meraki Go Gateway

Hi - Does the secure gateway ONLY work with Meraki Go APs? Or can I use other APs?

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You can use whatever you wish to use.

Then how come in the app it states you need to add a wifi access point before you can create a network? The only options are scanning Meraki Go APs.

Go app only lets you scan Meraki GO access points, GR10 or GR60 models. If you feel like it you can plug some other ap into the GX20 unit, then you just do not manage the device from GO application, right?

To be clear, are you saying that a Meraki Go AP is REQUIRED to use this gateway?  

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You are able to use any access point you'd like with the GX20 security gateway. The app may be calling out for you to scan a Meraki Go AP to create a network but you should be able to scan the gateway into your network, connect via ethernet, then use non-Meraki Go APs if desired by connecting to the GX20.

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Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

We can certainly help make this more clear in the onboarding and hardware scanning process. The current procedure may make too strong an assumption of there being a full stack of Meraki Go hardware to scan. I'll take a pass over the flow and see if we can make it more intelligent, thank you for the insight on this one!

It was not clear at all that I could proceed without using a Meraki AP.  Thank you for clarifying, I will look at the app more to bypass this so I can create a network. 

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

That is correct. The Meraki Go app will only scan Meraki Go hardware, and let you manage it in the app.


Having all Meraki Go hardware gives you that single pane of glass and ease of management in one place. However, if you are looking to toss another vendors switch, access point, or firewall in the mix - all that is required for the Go hardware to function is a valid IP address and an internet connection (to reach our cloud controllers which dish out the configuration to the device).

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