Meraki Go GX20 - 5 minutes to set up - what comedian wrote that on the documentation?

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Meraki Go GX20 - 5 minutes to set up - what comedian wrote that on the documentation?

We were told that the Meraki Go GX20 was a great product and only 5 minutes to set up!!! We are now on 3 hours and it still wont work and trying to get support is a JOKE!! They ask for your ID and tell you to log in and get it from the HELP on the dashboard but there is no help on the dashboard and everything has to be done on the telephone APP.....why????  

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Meraki Go Team
Meraki Go Team

@Titch -


The support flow for Meraki Go is a little different from the Meraki enterprise support but this is not the experience we want you to have with the products. I've sent you a DM in hopes of helping you troubleshoot the issues you're having with the GX20. 


Are you able to provide any details around your setup? Are you connecting the GX20 to your ISP provided router? Is the GX20 not connecting to the cloud? Do you have any other Meraki Go devices in this deployment? If so, are any of those devices connecting to the cloud?

James Wilson
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Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Hey @Titch 

I understand this isn't the most spectacular view for the GX20 from your perspective. Neither you nor myself want this to be the case. Since you've taken the time to reach out here on the community forum to voice your feelings, I'd be happy to help you with the problem if you also lend a voice to the details.


  1. What is the LED status on the GX20?
  2. If you plugin a laptop or computer to a LAN port, do you get an IP address and a gateway of the GX20?
  3. If step 2 was successful, can you navigate to the IP address of your gateway in the browser to pull up the local status page? This page typically explains what the problem is.
  4. Are you able to pass any traffic (i.e. ping if you do get a valid IP address from the GX?


If you can, let us know more! There is almost certainly something we can do to help out.


The GX20 works "out of band", meaning it can pass traffic to the internet but can also appear as offline at the same time. The status of your GX20 being offline does not mean it can not reach the internet, just that it cannot check in with the server. If there is a firewall blocking UDP traffic on port 7350 or 7351, your equipment can show as offline despite still getting clients to the internet.


All this being said, we would need to know more to better assist you with the issue.

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