Meraki GR10 mesh problem on 2.4 GHz


Meraki GR10 mesh problem on 2.4 GHz



I have two SSIDs: one for 5 GHz and one for 2.4GHz.

I have a gateway AP which works fine for both of them.

I have a mesh AP where the 5 GHz SSID works, but on the 2.4 GHz I have IP but can't reach the internet.

The firmwares are up to date.


Do you have any idea?




Meraki Go Team
Meraki Go Team

Hi @fkuris 


Its time to figure out where the breakage occurs. We know you have an IP in this situation you have described, so lets find out where access cuts out:

  • Can you access the GR local status page you are directly connected to?
    • Navigate to the IP address of the GR in your phones/mobile devices browser.
    • Navigate to - using DNS instead of an IP. Does this work?
      • If this failed, DNS is not working. Perhaps due to packet loss.
  • Can you ping anything in a command prompt like ping Might need a laptop for this test.

There could be various causes to this behavior, and I'm suspecting high interference on 2.4 Ghz just for this access point's location.