MAC Address Whitelist


MAC Address Whitelist

I was wondering if it possible to set up some kind of device whitelist (based on MAC Address) on one of my wireless networks on the GR10?


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I do not see a way to do this at this time.


Dave Anderson
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Anyone found a way to do this? Is this part of the next product releases?

Meraki Go Team
Meraki Go Team

We do not currently support MAC whitelisting, @potat, but its something we're looking into.

Would IPSK in any way interest you, or do you just need a simple MAC whitelist?





I realize this topic is somewhat dated but nobody responded to the question - so...

I'd be very interested in a MAC authentication option.  Simple MAC whitelist would be fantastic!!


We need MAC address white listing as well. 

@SunHai  and @Roo 

Your voice has been heard! Any thoughts on the user interface?

  • Where would you expect to find mac whitelisting in the app?
  • Do you want to manually type in the mac address - or connect a device and select it after it is identifiable in the clients list?
  • Do we need mac whitelisting on GX, GS, or both?

I initially looked for the ability to whitelist MACs under Networks | select SSID | Advanced Settings. There should be option to restrict access to whitelisted MACs only and then enter the MAC addresses in 6 octet notation, either with or without colon separators. This way it can easily be pasted in with keyboard commands. The optimal GUI would show currently registered MACs with delete button next to each MAC and option to Add new MAC. It would also be great to display red/green indicator if each MAC is currently on the network.

I do not think having option to select from a known clients list would apply to this scenario because unknown MACs should not be allowed in until whitelisted.

Regarding product lines, this feature is valuable for all products that manage Wi-Fi networks. However, I am looking for it on GR10 specifically.


Jim Mauck

ECM Industries, LLC